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Red flag ´n blue pants - 35 IBU*

Kit 15 litri Red flag ´n blue pants - 35 IBU*

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Cod: 955703
Preț: 75,00 Lei
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Descriere Kit 15 litri Red flag ´n blue pants - 35 IBU*

Southern State styled Red ale.

The perfect beer for hunting, fishing and everything else. Inspired by American style red ales this brings the taste to you. Draft it up!

Extract.: 12,5°p
EBC: 30
Alc.: ~ 5,2%Vol
IBU: 35

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NEVER FORGET! Any recipe is just as good as your passion, dedication and hygiene. Without it's just a regular beer or smtg for canale grande (crap).  

*(IBU - international bitterness units)